MOVEMENTS Collection

The collection has drawn inspiration from nature since its inception, exploring its darker side and capturing the precariousness of its shapes, its lights and shades.

The range features handcrafted pieces constructed of precious certified woods and raw metals shaped in modern yet edgy designs. The Movements Collection is made up of statement pieces that have the flair of true fashion pieces coupled with integrity of an eco-conscious ethos.


Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Choker, Bracelet

Like the movements of branches, the collection concept is the sinuous wave of raw metal, in contrast with the deep black of the ebony insert or Amaranth. The collection consisting of necklace, earrings, collar, bracelet and ring. Brass and Silver – are hand worked, as well as the insert in Ebony or Amaranth. The necklace is made of paper yarn, very resistant and washable.


Necklace, earrings

The collection is inspired by the ephemeral and elusive shapes of the clouds, their lightness and fluidity. The range includes necklace and earrings. Brass and Silver are handmade, as well as the wooden insert made in Ebony.
Materials: Ebony, Brass, Silver, Paper yarns


Necklace, Rings

The comet’s wake has inspired this collection, consisting of necklace and two rings. Metals used are Brass and Silver. Wooden insert are in Ebony All materials are entirely handcrafted.
Materials: Ebony, Brass, Silver, Paper Yarns.


Necklace, Earrings, Brooch

Inspi red by the unknown constel lat ions movements. The collection consists of: necklace, earrings and brooch. Metal parts are handmade in Brass Wooden elements in Amaranth, Bubinga, Olive and Rosewood


Necklace, earrings

Inspired by the ancient Phoenician civilization of Tharros, in the Sinis peninsula of Sardinia, the collection is entirely handcrafted and consists of necklace and earrings. Materials: Ebony wood, Brass, Silver, Steel, Leather.


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