GROOVE Collection

The entire collection is conceived starting from a research on textures and processing materials: brass, silver and fine woods. The Groove collection is inspired by surfaces of nature elements: imperfect patterns, with an ephemeral and estremely raw aspect. The decision not to use galvanics and to leave the material deliberately raw, looking for an organic and spontaneous result, is a strongly connotative element of the entire collection.


Collar, earrings, ring

All pieces are available in Ebony or Amaranth wood. Round Simple earrings complete the collection. Material is natural hammered and oxidized brass. The earrings have silver pins.


Necklace, earrings, rings

The peculiarity of this collection is the hammer processing that combined with manual perforation gives uniqueness to each piece. The necklace in paper yarn has a oxidized brass pendant The yarn is available in black / red / gray and different lengths. Earrings have silver studs, the rings are adjustable and available in two oxidized versions.


Collar, earrings

Also in this collection we played with an hammered and oxidized texture that gives uniqueness to each piece. Geometric shapes and light design give the pieces an impactful result. RUVIDO is composed of collar with pendant and earrings with Silver studs.


Collar, earrings

Made of ebony wood, with silver and brass inserts, the Monumenta collection has a clean and very refined design. Suitable for any occasion and outfit, has the allure of contemporary jewelry while remaining discrete. It consists of a collar with an ebony pendant worked entirely by hand and earrings with silver studs.


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