GALILEO collection

The Galileo collection takes its inspiration from the fascinating world of astronomy, that elusive and elusive universe that has always generated mystery, passion and inextinguishable enchantment.

The name is a tribute to the one who most of all has been able to discover and affirm with empirical inquiry and thought the marvelous dynamics of the cosmos.

Particularity of the collection is the artistic dimension of the central elements: hand painted on a wooden base and the object of material processing of different elements, giving extreme body and uniqueness to the final product. Necklaces, brooches and earrings become so small works of art, unique, to wear.

The collection consists of three color variations: EARTH, MARS and JUPITER.
The NECKLACES are made of double matte black PVC wire with a single hand-painted mahogany wood pendant with or without satin brass inserts (bar or disc). Pendant diameter 65mm, necklace length approx. 60 cm, pendant height adjustable as desired.
The ROUNDNECK necklace is made with paper yarn fabric and a single pendant in hand-painted Mahogany wood and a disc insert in Brass. Pendant diameter 45 mm, necklace diameter approx. 14 cm.
The BROOCH is in hand-painted Mahogany wood with or without satin brass inserts (bar or disc). Back made of brass and steel handworked Brooch diameter: 55 mm.
The EARRINGS have a hand-painted mahogany base and hypoallergenic steel nuns. Available in two sizes: 23mm diameter and 53mm length or 16mm diameter and 43mm length.


Necklace, Collar, Earrings, Brooch


Necklace, Collar, Earrings, Brooch


Necklace, Collar, Earrings, Brooch


Collar, earrings

The Galileo collection is completed with the LUNA variant, consisting of a triple disc choker with brass inserts and double disc earrings. The texture is hand painted with iridescent black acrylic on Mahogany wood. Extremely light, it is a jewel with a strong character that does not go unnoticed.

Necklace size: choker diameter about 14 cm, pendant length 13 cm.

Nuts of earrings in hypoallergenic steel. Dimensions: 23 mm x 50 mm


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