AZOTH Collection

Azoth is the new collection inspired by the alchemical thought, its processes and its symbols about material transformations and spiritual empowerment.
So the foundations of alchemy gived strong suggestions to the concept of this collection: human soul can evolve just as the poorest of metals can transmute into precious material. The Altrosguardo research about meaning of contemporary jewellery returns a collection with a very rich symbolic value: flowing water, transmutable metals, references to the four primordial elements with a focused technical process on the design and the texture, as in the forge of a modern alchemist. Hence the name of the collection: Azoth, the universal substance obtainable in alchemy by vital spirit hidden in raw materials and necessary for every transmutation. Azoth consists of 4 lines: Rugiada, Symbola, Aurora, Arcana.


Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet

Conceived thinking of the first level of the alchemical process, where dew is the bearer of a powerful cosmic flow capable of reconciling terrestrial and celestial waters, Rugiada is entirely handcrafted. The peculiarity of the collection is the union of silver and brass apparently without interruption, wich evokes the transmutation of a metal into another. The shapes are clean, the texture is all hammered and gives a particular brightness to the individual pieces. The collection consists of: necklace, ring, 2 models of long earrings and a bracelet.


Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet

Aurora is completely handmade by 925 Sterling Silver. Aurora’s primary symbolism is that of light, captured by hammer work, and of spirituality which translates into the lightness of the shapes.It’s clean and geometric design enhances the purity of silver and recallsthe energy of a bright and vital state of mind. The line includes an adjustable necklace , 2 models of lobe earrings, 2 models of hoop earrings,2 models of dangling earrings and 2 adjustable rings.


Necklace, Earrings, Ring

A melting of light and shadow for this charming collection. Each piece is hand-worked and all have a double texture surface: one side with a dark patina,the other side with a golden hammered pattern.The line includes a singular long necklace with adjustable collar, an adjustable ring and dangling earrings. In particular the earrings can be worn interchanged in place to highlight, at choice, the desired texture(dark or golden).


Necklace, earrings

Inspired by the rich alchemical symbolism where we imaginated a mix of pagan and philosophical motifs generate a mysterious and evocative code. Symbola is a sophisticated line in 925 Silver and Brass,composed by long earrings and asymmetrical necklace with a rigid collarwith hook on the front.

Photo Still life: Altrosguardo


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