Archetipa The Statement Collection consists of three subcollections of jewelry whose concept maintains the search for a balance between form and material, which in this case integrates with the consistent use of metals from completely artisanal processing.

Collars, earrings and rings with a bi-material dimension that acquire character while maintaining lightness and elegance in the forms, always clean, strongly contemporary.


Choker, Ring, Earrings

Inspired by the shape of the drop, symbol of nourishment and growth, here emptied of the central material, it reaches a lightened physiognomy that joins the modern consistency of raw worked brass. The collection consists of: collar, ring and earrings. The metal parts are in hypoallergenic steel (for the earrings) and handmade brass. Materials: Bubinga wood, Brass, Steel.


Choker, Earrings

The sequence of the line is configured in the interleaved split of the rectangles in different essences and different lengths, tightened in a well-defined space. The collection consists of collar and earrings.
Materials: Ebony wood, Maple wood and Bubinga wood. Silver, Steel.


Choker, Earrings

Inspired by the intuitive and archetypal form of the frieze, linear architectural decoration typical of Italian art, the collection consists of collar and earrings. The metal parts are in hypoallergenic steel, silver and handmade. The wooden parts are made by hand-finished laser cutting.
Materials: Rosewood and Olive wood. Silver (collar), Steel (earrings).


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