The Archetipa jewelry collection is inspired by the essentiality of form in a harmonious combination created by subtraction. The concept is based on a search for lightness and balance where the expressive possibilities of precious wood essences, coming from certified sources, rediscover their leading role.

The minimalist form is contrasted by the richness and heterogeneity of wood, a symbol of energy rooted in flexibility. The mood of Archetipa is contemporary, without neglecting the artisan character of the work, typical of the brand.


Minimal and refined signs, which will be able to adorn the lobes in the most discreet way, while making themselves noticed with the beautiful shades of precious wooden essences, all of different shades. The closures are all in hypoallergenic stainless steel. The woods used are: Wengè, Zebrawood, Bubinga.



Cufflinks with an elegant and clean line. Two variants in Olive or Rosewood set on the Steel base.
Size: diameter 16 mm.


A collection of necklaces made with precious woods such as Ebony, Maple, Olive, Rosewood and chains in Steel and Brass. Geometric shapes suitable for both men and women. Natural finishes in Shellac and Beeswax.



Collection of geometric rings made of olive wood, very comfortable to wear. Unisex. Natural wax finish. Rings realizable in sizes from 16 to 22 mm (internal diameter).



Collection of rings entirely hand-made. Each piece is unique. The design is clean but of great character, thanks to the balance between used essences and form. The careful research in the use of fine textures together with the handmade bill, makes each ring unique and exclusive. Very comfortable to wear. Unisex.
Materials: Bubinga wood, Maple, Ebony, Bois de violette, Amaranth, Padouk, Mahogany, Bois de rose. Wax and shellac finish. Rings realizable in sizes from 16 to 22 mm (internal diameter).



Also for the Gemma Rings the processing is entirely manual, both for the cabochon, whose essence is worked in asymmetrical facets, and for the adjustable brass band, which is pivoted in the gem. Materials: Maple, Ebony and Padouk wood, Brass. Natural wax and shellac finish.


Necklace, Ring

The depth of the ebony meets the light of a silver stud that gives the line a rock but elegant dimension. A perfect synthesis of rigor and modernity, suitable for both women and men, who love to wear essential jewelry with character. Materials: Ebony wood, Brass, Steel. Natural wax and shellac finish.
Ring available in sizes from 16 to 22 mm (internal diameter)


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